This just a small sample of my recent credits:

East Alligator River - photo (c) Diana Cooper. Click for more images.
East Alligator River, Northern Territory, Australia.

February 2015: I travel to Australia’s tropical Northern Territory to report on the government’s big plans to develop the region by expanding mining, oil and gas exploration and large-scale agriculture for markets in South East Asia.  In ‘Taming Australia’ for ‘Costing the Earth’ on BBC Radio 4 I reveal how similar grandiose ideas failed in the 1950s and discover the risks to a unique and vulnerable ecosystem of some of the world’s last remaining free-flowing rivers.

April 2014: I return to the Donana National Park in south west Spain for BBC Radio 4’s ‘Costing the Earth’, 16 years after the devastation of a catastrophoc toxic mine spill.  In ‘Flight From Disaster’ I report on an extraordinary wildlife recovery – and serious new threats to one of Europe’s most important wetlands.

March 2014: Presenter ‘Future-proofing Forests’ for BBC Radio 4 ‘Costing the Earth’.  In the face of the multitude of diseases threatening our trees, will we have to accept significant changes to Britain’s forests or can we keep pests and disease at bay?

December 2013: Reporter/Producer ‘Lockerbie – The Secrets of the CIA Spy’ for Channel 4 News.  On the 25th anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am 103, an exclusive report on the secret testimony of a CIA spy who confirmed the real bombers were the Palestinian terror group, the PFLP-GC, the original prime suspects.  Quoting reliable senior sources from the group’s sponsors, the Syrian government, his testimony is further evidence that Libya was made a scapegoat for the bombing as the US needed Iranian help to free hostages in Lebanon and it casts even more doubt on the safety of the conviction of the Libyan Abdelbaset Ali al Megrahi.  Co-producer: John Ashton.  Commissioned by C4 News Film Fund.

October 2013: Presenter ‘Our Neighbours are Elephants!’, an episode of ‘Costing the Earth’ on BBC Radio 4.  Urban sprawl is now seriously impacting on the habitats of wildlife in countries around the world, so how can wildlife and city dwellers live together?

Wreck of the 'Costa Concordia'
In Giglio, Italy, at the wreck of the ‘Costa Concordia’ cruise ship

May 2013: Presenter ‘The Cost of Cruising’ for BBC Radio 4 ‘Costing the Earth’ examining the environmental impact of the cruise industry as the salvage work in Italy to refloat the wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship reaches a critical stage.

September 2012: Producer/Presenter ‘A Modern Day Gold Mine’ and ‘Mining Indaba 2012’, both Beagle Media productions for the World Gold Council.

The Daily Planet
Presenting ‘The Daily Planet’ at Planet Under Pressure 2012

March 2012: Editor/Presenter ‘The Daily Planet’, a twice-daily half hour news show web streamed from ‘Planet Under Pressure’, the major international science conference ahead of the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June 2012.

February 2012: Presenter ‘Nuclear Power Without the Nasties’ on how thorium nuclear power is attracting the attention of environmentalists, for the BBC Radio 4 environmental series ‘Costing the Earth’.

September 2011: Writer/Producer ‘A Changed World’, for WWF-UK as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, a film looking ahead to the immense challenges of the next 50 years as the pressures rise inexorably on the Earth’s limited resources.

May 2011: Producer/Director ‘Nuclear Meltdown’, a 45 minute documentary for ITN Productions and Cineflix, completed in three weeks, on the continuing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  The programme was networked in the USA, syndicated across South America, shown in most of Europe and in Australia.