Julian RushWorld-changing scientific advances.  Natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.  Pandemic diseases.  Climate change.  Human failures like catastrophic oil spills.  Archaeological discoveries that change history.  Space exploration.

Big stories, complex stories, where science and the environment affects the lives of millions.

Reporter, Presenter, Producer

I’m a reporter, presenter and producer of science and environment TV and radio programmes and documentaries.  Building on my extensive experience as Channel 4 News Science Correspondent, I offer specialist development and production of news-related, investigative, factual and current affairs TV and radio with the contacts and experience to guarantee a fast turn-round when required.

I have a particular interest in earth sciences, climate change, sustainable development and the technologies being developed for a low carbon future and the need for a new economics to re-define our relationship with the planet we inhabit.

Media training, Consultancy, Conference hosting

I also offer media training and conference and debate hosting/facilitation services.  I provide media, science and environment consultancy for companies and NGOs, specialising in climate change policy, both national and international, sustainability and engineering for a low carbon future.
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