I covered many hundreds of stories while I was Science Correspondent at Channel 4 News.


My Showreel will give you a flavour of the extensive range of stories and my reporting experience, on location and in studio, live and recorded.


Here are just a few of them.  You can also read and see a limited selection of other stories that have been archived on the Channel 4 web site.

23 January 2011 – Selling England’s forests:
Are proposals for the sale of England’s forests the Coalition government’s poll tax?
29 May 2009 – Carbon Capture and Storage:
A technology to save the planet?
20 December 2010 – High Speed Rail:
Revised plans for a new line from London to the north angers Tory heartlands.
2 October 2010 – Britain’s first ‘super dairy’:
Cash cow or environmental hazard, is this the future of dairy farming?
1 December 2009 – Brazil’s oil dilemma:
Brazil is a renewable energy pioneer but the discovery of deep water offshore oil has left the country with a dilemma.
25 March 2006 – Iran’s nuclear ambitions:
Inside the nuclear reactor at Bushehr, the heart of the nuclear programme that Iran insists is purely for civilian purposes.